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The Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance (“Alliance”) is seeking a President/CEO.  The Alliance is an energetic organization that serves almost 600 members. Members are actively engaged in the committees, events and numerous networking functions of the Alliance. The Alliance works cooperatively with local government in both Manatee and Sarasota Counties and enjoys a good working relationship. Lakewood Ranch is one of the fastest-growing communities in the nation, and rapid growth in the business community is expected for years to come.

A Search Committee for a new LWRBA President/CEO is already in place, and is now accepting resumes at


President/Chief Executive Officer
Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance

Mission:  To Connect, Educate, and Strengthen the business community in the Lakewood Ranch Region

Scope/Purpose: The President/CEO is responsible for the full range of activities, planning, administration, and evaluation of programs, policies, and operations of the Alliance. The President/CEO heads and oversees the operation of the staff; interpretation of policy; financial management; and long-range planning. The President/CEO will have a strong external and strategic focus, serving as a primary spokesperson and an advocate for the business community and will lead the future vitality, relevance and regional impact of the Alliance. Reports directly to the Chair and the Board of Directors and serves at the pleasure of the Board of Directors as outlined in the Alliance Bylaws.

Strategic Planning: In conjunction with the Board of Directors and staff, develops and implements a strategic, long-range plan to advance the Alliance’s mission. Evaluates effectiveness, measures progress and reports to Board towards attainment of goals.

Board Relations: Builds and maintains strong relationships and communications with the Chairman of the Board, Executive Committee and Board of Directors. In conjunction with Chairman and as outlined in the Alliance Bylaws, plans and supports the Executive Committee. Assists the Board in the development of policy, as needed, and is responsible for the execution of policies and programs adopted by the Board. This involves constant evaluation of the program with recommendations for change as needed and a system of measuring progress toward attainment of program of work and Alliance goals. Supervises the preparation of notices, minutes, reports and other material needed in support of the Board, Executive Committee and Board designated committees. President/CEO shall serve as advisor to the officers and committee chairs, guiding the development of the Alliance’s overall program of work and shall be responsible for providing accurate information, data, minutes, agenda and special reports as directed.

Member Relations, Development & Retention: Provides visionary leadership in the area of membership services to ensure a compelling value proposition exists for current and prospective members. Assists with recruiting new and retaining existing member of the Alliance and is responsible for maintaining the membership at a level needed to ensure the income needed in support of the annual program of action. President/CEO is responsible for the growth and retention of Alliance membership as well creating a positive image of the Alliance. President/CEO is also responsible for ensuring an annual evaluation of members’ perception of Alliance value and assures respective actions are taken as a result of feedback provided.

Budget and Finance: With the assistance of the Treasurer/Finance Committee, the President/CEO shall be responsible for the preparation of an annual operating budget subject to the initial approval of the Finance Committee and the final approval of the Board of Directors. The President/CEO shall prepare specific plans for meeting the budget and report any material variances to the Board. President/CEO shall also be responsible for all expenditures within approved budget allocations.  The President/CEO shall ensure monthly financial statements are reported timely to the Board. Any requests for expenditures not budgeted shall require approval of the Executive Committee and potentially the Board depending on the magnitude of the expense.  

Spokesperson/Media Voice: The President/CEO serves as a principal spokesperson for the Alliance and is responsible for all communication to the general public and media. The President/CEO shall supervise and approve regular communication methods such as newsletters, bulletins, electronic communications and press releases to the members of the community at large.

Program & Services Development: The President/CEO is also responsible for fundraising for the Alliance through sponsorships, programs, events and initiatives. The President/CEO provides staff and committees with the tools, guidance and resources needed to develop new, creative, value-added programs, benefits and services for the membership.  The President/CEO shall review and evaluate program and benefits proposals for recommendation to the Board of Directors.

Community and External Relations: The President/CEO shall serve as a community leader, visionary and alliance builder with other groups in the community (including local, county, state and federal groups as necessary) and advise on developments affecting the business community. The President/CEO shall review and evaluate legislation, pending or proposed, which will have an immediate or future impact on the business community and shall keep all appropriate committees and the Board of Directors informed of any activities that may affect the business community.

The President/CEO is expected to work closely with a wide-range of constituencies across the local and regional area, both the public and private sector, to build and support alliances consistent with the Alliance’s mission and priorities. The President/CEO assures that the business community is represented on committees and organizations that are critical to the region and Alliance. The President/CEO shall fulfill speaking engagements of importance to the Alliance, as directed by the executive committee or chair of the board.

Staff Administration: The President/CEO is the head of the Alliance staff and oversees the operation of the staff. The President/CEO shall build and maintain a staff consistent with program needs and financial resources. The President/CEO Is ultimately responsible for the employment of all staff members and the assignment of their responsibilities.

Policy Development, Implementation & Interpretation: The President/CEO will assist the Board in the development of policy, as needed, and is responsible for the execution of policies adopted by the Board. The President/CEO will assist the board, committees, members and the staff in interpretation of policy in relation to any given questions or program and will assist the Chairman of the Board of Directors in preparation of statements of the Alliance’s position on public issues, when appropriate.

Long-range Planning: Under the direction of a constantly evolving Board of Directors, the President/CEO is responsible for maintaining continuity and consistency in programming. Based on proper research of needs, the President/CEO must anticipate emerging and long-range challenges and changing trends to provide the Board of Directors with recommendations for Alliance programs and initiatives to meet such challenges.

Education and Experience Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in business administration, public administration, marketing or related field required. Master’s in business administration preferred. Specialized education in sales, marketing, public relations or advertising is helpful. Professional Chamber or Economic Development certification is welcomed.

At least five years as a successful business leader with business acumen and the proven ability to manage complex budgets and staff of 4+.

Demonstrated successful leadership experience, team management and relationship management in an organization is desirable.

A stellar communicator, both oral and written. A motivator, visionary and advocate with genuine interest and passion for business issues and opportunities within the Lakewood Ranch region.

A Search Committee for a new LWRBA President/CEO is already in place, and is now accepting resumes at

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