Chance to win $100 gift card to a member restaurant

Great way to reward our members for their loyalty in building our membership!

Program Outline:

*Current members refer a NEW business/individual to LWRBA.  If the business/individual has been out of LWRBA for a year, they can be a referral.  If the referral joins, the member's name is entered into a drawing.  The winner will be chosen amongst other members and announced at the Membership luncheon following the month of confirmed membership.

*The Ranch Reward Winner's name and business will be announced at the Membership Luncheon and their company name will be on a slide in the presentation.  The Ranch Rewards Gift Card Donor will have their name and company listed on a slide in the presentation and hand out the gift card to the winner at the podium.

*The program runs annually from January thru November.

*The winner will be mentioned on the website.

*Best Rancher Award will be presented at The Sandies in November to the member who secures the most members throughout the year!

Referral Procedure:

*Email Amy Gonzalez with the name, business, phone number and email address of the potential member to amygonzalez@lwrba.org. She will enter them into the database as a prospect and make note of who referred them.  If the prospect joins, she will notify you via an email letter and your name will be added to the drawing for the $100 gift card.  The gift card will be presented at the Membership Luncheon.

Gift Card Procedure:

*Members may donate $100 or $50.  If a donation of $50 is offered, the Membership Committee will ask another member to donate the remaining $50.  

*All gift cards will be purchased from MEMBER RESTAURANTS.  A full list is in the member directory.  

*The member donating the money towards the gift card will have their business mentioned at the monthly luncheon and on the website.

*The gift card will be purchased by Amy Gonzalez.

*Please email Amy at amygonzalez@lwrba.org if you wish to be a donor and let her know which member restaurant you have chosen.  She will send you an invoice to pay by check or you can pay by credit card over the phone.

2016 Ranch Rewards Winners

WINNER: Hope Owens-The Sheridan at Lakewood Ranch
Prize Donated by Dani Fox, Dani Fox Hypnosis

WINNER: Scott Wilcos-ServPro of East Manatee County
Prize Donated by Felicia Seedorf, Chapman & Associates Real Estate Appraisers and Joni Rametta-Wealth Planning and Design, LLC

WINNER: Arthur Quinby-MacAlister & Quinby
Prize Donated by Sally Ullman-Sally Ullman Photography and Dani Fox-Dani Fox Hypnosis

WINNER: Felicia Seedorf
Prize Donated by Mark Monismith-Berkshire Hathaway Homes and Allan Shaivitz-Gulf Coast Contract Furnishings


WINNER: Christi McDonald
Prize Donated by Keith Pandeloglou-UTC Venture Group/Cowork LWR

WINNER: Michael Beaumier
Prize Donated by Dani Fox-Dani Fox Hypnosis

WINNER: Felicia Seedorf
Prize Donated by Darren Inverso-Norton, Hammersley, Lopez & Skokos, P.A.


2017 Ranch Rewards Winners

WINNER: Violeta Huesman
Prize Donated by Felicia Seedorf-Chapman & Associates Real Estate Appraisers

WINNER: Janet Arena
Prize Donated by Joni Rametta, Wealth Planning & Design &
Felicia Seedorf-Chapman & Associates Real Estate Appraisers

WINNER: Jonathan Marsh
Prize Donated by Dani Fox, Dani Fox Hypnosis

WINNER: Fern Grace
Prize Donated by Matt Andrus-Anna Maria Oyster Bar

WINNER: Anna Estabrooks
Prize Donated by the Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance

WINNER: Yasemin Chain
Prize Donated by Joni Rametta, Wealth Planning & Design &
Bonnie Hassler-Tropex Plants


The Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance is a strong community-driven membership organization that focuses on business growth, partnership, opportunities and awareness. Its proud members are a wide variety of large and small business owners and their dedicated employees within the community. All of its valued members are committed to best businesses practices, networking opportunities, training, seminars, education, business connections, economic development and community expansion. Member businesses are located in, or doing business in, the Lakewood Ranch area, near Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida. Our proud members are dedicated to promoting a vibrant business community and speaking up for business needs in the community. The Alliance also has a strong working relationship with local Chambers of Commerce and is focused on creating awareness for local non-profit organizations.

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