Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance

Mission Statement

To Connect, Educate, and Strengthen the business
community in the Lakewood Ranch Region.

The Power of Connection


The Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance was founded by 3 local businesses who felt the need to unify the local businesses and to create a “voice” for them. They also felt it could be used to bridge the gap between Manatee and Sarasota Counties (Lakewood Ranch is a combination of both counties)

Date Founded

By-Laws were officially adopted January 1, 2005


What We Do

We are the group that is focused on building a stronger, more successful business community in Lakewood Ranch.

  • Promote unification of local businesses.
  • Promote the more than 1,300 businesses of the community.
  • Advocate for the businesses and service organizations of the Lakewood Ranch Community.
  • Build awareness and serve as a voice to the different county and governmental organizations.
  • Foster Economic Development and awareness of the Lakewood Ranch Community.
  • Provide education and professional development
  • Foster a better regional understanding of the community and what it offers
  • Contribute and enrich the community.

Organization Culture

The Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance’s focus is to help grow the community through networking with local area business and ensuring all businesses are aware of various issues in Lakewood Ranch, whether political, social or economic.  Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance’s desire is to help local businesses create a voice for the area, provide a clear vision of the future and provide opportunities for them to increase their visibility.

The Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance strives to be a driving force behind the growth of the business community as well as bridging the divide between Sarasota and Manatee counties.

Organization Philosophy

The Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance is a dynamic advocacy organization committed to the unification, enrichment and advancement of the community.  Created in response to the fervent growth of the Lakewood Ranch area, the alliance is dedicated to fostering the continual economic development and awareness of the business community.

The support of our members through fundraising efforts, membership and sponsors provides the LWRBA with the financial stability to be the Voice of the business community, fulfill our Vision via our goals and create Visibility opportunities for our members and the area.   


The Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance is a strong community-driven membership organization that focuses on business growth, partnership, opportunities and awareness. Its proud members are a wide variety of large and small business owners and their dedicated employees within the community. All of its valued members are committed to best businesses practices, networking opportunities, training, seminars, education, business connections, economic development and community expansion. Member businesses are located in, or doing business in, the Lakewood Ranch area, near Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida. Our proud members are dedicated to promoting a vibrant business community and speaking up for business needs in the community. The Alliance also has a strong working relationship with local Chambers of Commerce and is focused on creating awareness for local non-profit organizations.

8430 Enterprise Circle

 Suite 140
Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202
Phone: 941-757-1664 
Fax: 941-362-2600 
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