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Attending a Networking Event? Here's How to Make the Perfect Follow up!

There is plenty of advice for how to get the
best results from networking events, but you rarely hear details about ‘follow-up after the event’. When is a good time to follow up?

What method should be used? According to research by top sales experts, only 2% of sales happen on the first contact. This stat means that if you’re not following up with your leads, you’re definitely missing out on a lot of potential business opportunities.

Email is a quick and easy way to continue the conversation with someone you’ve just met. But crafting an effective follow-up email can be tricky. Here are some tips on how to write a follow-up email that will make a lasting impression.

First things first, you need to send your email within 24 hours of meeting the person. The key here is to strike while the iron is hot you want to be fresh in their mind. But don’t wait too long, or they may not remember who you are!

When it comes to the subject line, keep it short and sweet. Something like “Great meeting you at [event]” will do the trick. As for the body of the email, start by referencing something specific that you talked about during your conversation. For example, “I loved hearing about your company’s involvement in the Alliance Gives Back event.”

This helps jog their memory and shows that you were truly listening to what they had to say. Keep your first short & sweet. Having to wade through long paragraphs of text could turn off a potential business partner. The purpose of the initial message should be to re-establish a connection. You can go into greater detail once you set up a meeting or call.

Next, give them a call-to-action. This could be something like setting up a meeting or coffee chat, or providing them with additional information that they might find useful. Make it clear what you’d like to do next and provide them with a way to easily get in touch with you (i.e., your email address or phone number).

Finally, end your email by thanking them for their time and letting them know that you’re
looking forward to staying in touch. After sending that email, it’s a good idea to connect with them on LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to easily keep track of your new contacts and what they’re up to currently. It also give you the ability to quickly review your new contact’s information before meeting with them again.

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